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Logistics Learning Alliance – Logistics and Supply Chain Management Courses

Logistics Learning Alliance works with you to solve real business problems. Providing bespoke business solutions to meet specific business needs through to professional development opportunities and courses in supply chain management, and logistics.

Cost-efficient practices across the entire supply chain are vital to business success for companies across the world due to the fast growth in global manufacturing. A competent supply chain strongly links the sequence of processes involved in the sourcing, production and distribution of products to the end consumer, leading to increased productivity and reduced costs. The development of supply chain personnel future-proofs company growth. LLA can help through designing training and content to match the growth needs of the organisation.

Our Supply Chain Management training courses range from Introductory to Advanced level and will enhance your skills and knowledge improving your chances of promotion or preparing you for a new career path. The types of jobs that you could consider include supply chain planning, operations management, contract and purchasing management.

Our range of logistics and supply chain courses also includes management, soft skills, safety awareness and Humanitarian logistics. All of our training courses come with full LLA Certification or as formal qualifications from industry leading awarding organisations.

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