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  • What does LLA do?
    • As one of the UK’s leading training companies in Logistics we offer exceptional levels of training both for individuals and for organisations. Our award winning development programmes are designed to both challenge and develop your Supply Chain and Logistics skills.

  • Where does LLA do this?
    • Programmes are delivered by distance learning, online or by face-to-face workshops.  They can also be a blend of these solutions. Using these methods we can deliver our programmes globally.

  • What is the difference between Logistics and the Supply Chain?
    • Supply chain is a process that covers all activities from the procurement of raw materials, through the transportations and transformations of these to finished goods and eventual distribution to the end-consumer. It accounts for a high percentage of all UK trade activity. Logistics– the functional activities involved in making the supply chain happen – including sourcing and procurement, inventory management, production planning, warehousing and transportation. Our programmes cover all of these areas as well as areas such management, leadership, health and safety and customer service skills.

  • What type of qualifications does LLA offer?
    • LLA offers a wide range of commercial logistics and supply chain courses. These courses are built around competence-based learning at four levels;

    • Introductory [Level 2] (designed for new entrants or those whose work relates to the supply chain, but are not directly involved in it)

    • Operational[Level3] (designed for team leaders and junior managers)

    • Tactical [Levels 4 and 5](designed for middle management)

    • Strategic [Level 6](designed for senior management)

  • Which Awarding organisations does LLA work with?
    • LLA provides qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK), Freight Transport Association (FTA) and UK Warehouse Association (UKWA)

  • Can my company "Bespoke" programme be nationally accredited?
    • Yes, as an Approved Centre of the Awarding Organisations, LLA is well placed to present your programme to either of these bodies to have it accredited. In addition, if the course is constructed using units from the Qualification Credit Framework, the programme would have national recognition.

  • What type of humanitarian based qualifications does LLA offer?
    • A unique portfolio of humanitarian logistics qualifications has been developed in consultation with the Fritz Institute and major international aid organisations including;

    • Oxfam

    • The World Food Programme

    • Save the Children

    • ICRC

    • UNICEF

    • UNHCR

    • The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) is the awarding organisation for these qualifications. These courses have been designed to meet the training needs for anyone working, or wishing to work, in logistics support of humanitarian aid operations. For more information on the full range of qualification and courses LLA provides, please email us at or click here.

  • Are the qualifications recognised worldwide?
    • Yes, our CILT (UK) accredited qualifications and Fritz-CILT humanitarian certification programmes are recognised worldwide.

  • How will I Learn?
    • Through a process of both Experiential and Developmental learning. We build on your current experience and provide learning to fill the gaps to your new level of competence.

    • Our “learning by doing” approach provides a competence and confidence that no other learning method can offer because it takes the learners out of the classroom and into our, Unique e-learning world of business. Our learning material provides the theoretical best-practice and SCILworld case study allows students to demonstrate how they would apply that theory in a practical but risk–free situation.

  • What is Supported Distance Learning?
    • Supported Distance Learning is the method of studying LLA uses for all of our courses, in which students submit their work over the Internet or via email, without needing to attend a classroom.

    • Expert tutors, with relevant, practical experience, will mentor you through the programmes giving advice and guidance when it is required. They will be with you every step of the way.

    • If you have a query or need advice on a task, you can email us, 'phone us at 01530 832264 or 07717758352, Skype us at admin_lla during working hours or you can Skype your tutor outside office hours (on request).

    • If you want to meet your Tutor face-to-face our offices are in Coalville, Leicestershire and we are delighted to meet students at any time.

  • How do I submit my tasks?
    • Once you have completed your task, email it to the given email address and it will be processed by our dedicated student support team.

  • When can I study?
    • Our online e-learning process allows you to choose where and when you wish to study, at the time and place to suit you. Each course or unit is designed to be completed part-time over a number of weeks, but flexibility is built-in allowing you to control the pace at which you complete the programme.

  • How long will I have to complete my course?
    • This depends on the course you choose to study. All CILT (UK) courses have a generous time period in which students are expected to complete their studies, and these range from 2 years to 3 years. LLA short courses have a 1 year time period. Upon enrolment, you will be sent your Student Number within one month, and this email will include your Course Expiry date.

  • How will my skills develop during the course?
    • Based on experiential learning it allows you to build on your existing knowledge to develop new skills. The learning process we use is the same for all programmes whether they non-accredited, accredited or regulated programmes[1].

      Non-Accredited – Programmes that have been developed, delivered and Certified by LLA

      [1] Regulated Qualifications – Those qualification that sit within the UK National Framework of qualifications and are regulated by Ofqual

      Accredited – Programmes that have been specifically accredited by a UK Awarding Organisation such as CILT(UK) but which are not regulated by Ofqual

  • How will the course relate to my work place?
    • The learning process incorporates our case study SCILworld. The case study is a broad but intensive exploration of a simulated company: SCIL plc. For the purposes of the study programme, learners are ‘recruited’ by SCILplc and appointed to a position relating to their choice of qualification programme. They will perform the tasks required of that role that demonstrate the necessary competence for the qualification.

  • Will I need to sit exams?
    • No, for the majority of our programmes, there are no exams as all tasks, including your final project (if applicable), are submitted via email to build your portfolio of evidence. The only exception to this is the Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence programme which to meet the legal requirements of this qualification has to be assessed by examination. Other courses, such as the UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC, have optional workshops available as part of the programme.

  • When can I start?
    • As soon as LLA receives confirmation of payment, you can begin your studies! As all our programmesare studied via Distance Learning, there is no deadline for when you can start the course and therefore you can begin when you are ready to. However please note that once you have paid for your course, your time period for the course will begin, as explained above.

  • How do I enrol?
    • It’s easy, go to the Enrol Today page and follow the steps to complete your Registration/Enrolment Form. Once we have received your form, we will email you more details about your selected programme and ask you if you are ready to receive an invoice for the programme.

  • Does LLA accept ELC contributions?
    • Yes, LLA is an Approved Learning Provider for the MOD, Number 2408. For full details please click here.

  • How can I pay for my Course?
    • Course Fees can be paid in full at the start of the programme. Alternatively, talk to us today about the payment plans available to spread the cost of your studying.
    • Payment methods include bank transfer, credit or debit cards, Paypal or by Direct Debit for UK Students.