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Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL)

About CHL

Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL)

CHL combines best practices in supply chain management and implementation from the humanitarian and commercial worlds. CHL was developed with funding from DFID, ECHO and USAID, by experienced logisticians from ICRC, the International Rescue Committee, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Holland), Oxfam (GB), Save the Children (US), UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP.

The self-paced distance learning is designed specifically for those presently working, often in deep field locations, with busy schedules, who require flexibility in their learning schedules.

Ce cours peut être étudié en français

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What are the benefits?

For the Student For the Organisation For the Humanitarian Community
  • Professional training based on best practices
  • Broad understanding of the supply chain, its functions and how it fits into the overarching humanitarian organisations and response
  • Increased skill and confidence level
  • Standard vocabulary and common understanding worldwide
  • Internationally recognised professional qualification from CILT (UK)
  • Improved program support and achievement of organisational goals
  • Increased motivation and retention of key personnel
  • More ownership and responsibility to find solutions taken at the field level
  • Increased collaboration and understanding throughout the organisation with its partners
  • Ultimately results in improved service to end beneficiaries
  • Raises the profile of logistics internally and externally
  • Establishes a community of professionals worldwide
  • Creates common processes, standards and vocabulary across organisations
  • Supports retention institutional knowledge to enable continuous improvements
  • Ultimately results in improved service to end beneficiaries

How will you learn?

CHL uses the innovative ‘competence model’ approach, which emphasizes application of skills, as opposed to the examination of knowledge. At the start of the course, the candidate (or student) is inserted into a reality-based scenario in which they have to advise on and manage logistics functions. The tasks that they are requested to do are designed to facilitate the development of and demonstration that they have the required skills, as defined in the competence model.

Throughout the program, which is administered by the Logistics Learning Alliance, candidates are supported by learning coaches experienced in logistics. These coaches also assess candidates’ assignments and determine when they are ready to proceed to the next unit.

Candidates should expect to take 18 months to complete the program, studying approximately 5 hours per week. During that time, a portfolio documenting the candidate’s achievements and skills is collated for submission at the end of the program to the awarding body (CILT-UK) for final assessment.

Certifications Units

The units of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics programme can now be studied individually. You can purchase the Units you need immediately, then add more units at a later date if required. For more details contact LLA on

Course Fees

The course fee is GBP1,630.00. VAT at 20% must be added if you are intending to study within the EU. For details of the latest instalment options, please contact us directly by email at, phone us on 0800 158 8231 or Skype us at admin_lla or complete the Contact Form above.


There are currently no exemptions listed for this programme.