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Distance or Blended Learning, Building on Experience

LLA delivers Professional Skills Development programmes for anyone working in the Supply Chain sector and the logistics functions supporting this.  Areas covered include Management and Leadership, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Operations including Warehousing, Transportation, Inventory control, Production Planning and soft skills.  Bespoke programme development to meet specific organizational needs.

While we initially focused on Distance Learning in the UK, we have in the last 12 years grown to become a fully global provider and have expanded the range of courses available through our online, distance learning and face-to-face packages.

In 2011, we were proud to receive The European Supply Chain Award for Excellence in Training and Professional Development. This is awarded for projects that have resulted in improvements to the supply chain via strategic use of training and development programmes.  While the award was specifically for the delivery of the Fritz Institute/CILT Humanitarian Certification programmes, the method of delivery of our online commercial programmes uses the same process of a simulated workplace environment, in which students immerse themselves as they would if working for the real organisation.

The supply chain sector is the lifeblood of any economy.  No goods or people move unless the supply chain is managed effectively, yet the staff profile in the supply chain sector is ageing, leaving a major skills gap for the future.   Furthermore, many school leavers and graduates entering the job market are unaware of the vital role the sector plays in so many aspects of their daily life making it unlikely that they will consider a career in the supply chain. Our role at LLA is to facilitate the professional improvement that will be needed across the sector wherever you are in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do organisations use LLA? Businesses we work with often require a bespoke solution and the results we have achieved through designing and delivering these solutions have been extremely successful.  We are here to help with your specific needs empowering you to take control of operations and resulting in reduced costs, better staff retention and improved customer service

Our Experiential learning programmes build on a simulated work place with strong tutor support to enable you to have best learning experience we can provide, as witnessed by the testimonials we receive.

Founder and Managing Director, Peter Jones is supported by a team of dedicated tutors who have amassed a wealth of practical experience in a range of sectors. We also work with a number of strategic partners, for more information please see:

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For Business to Business Solutions: We offer a flexible, taking time to listen to you so that we understand your needs. Recognising that one solution does not fit all we create bespoke programmes that maximise your business performance and fit your ethos and vision for the future.

On an individual level, we offer free, no-obligation careers advice and give our full support to your professional development by learning about where you are now, what you aim to achieve and which of our varied programmes will best help meet your aspirations.


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