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About us

LLA humanitarian and business logistics and supply chain online learning programmes/face-to-face events are driven by your requirements. Delivered by in-house sector professionals, we are committed to achieving a successful outcome for yourself and your organisation. Customer service and support for our students is at the heart of our business.


What does LLA do?
As one of the UK’s leading training companies in Logistics we offer exceptional levels of training both for individuals and for organisations. Our award winning development programmes are designed to both challenge and develop your Supply Chain and Logistics skills.
Where does LLA do this?
Programmes are delivered by distance learning, online or by face-to-face workshops.  They can also be a blend of these solutions. Using these methods we can deliver our programmes globally.
Whats the difference between Logistics and the Supply chain?
Supply chain is a process that covers all activities from the procurement of raw materials, through the transportations and transformations of these to finished goods and eventual distribution to the end-consumer. It accounts for a high percentage of all UK trade activity. Logistics– the functional activities involved in making the supply chain happen – including sourcing and procurement, inventory management, production planning, warehousing and transportation. Our programmes cover all of these areas as well as areas such management, leadership, health and safety and customer service skills.
What type of qualifications are on offer?
LLA offers a wide range of commercial logistics and supply chain courses. These courses are built around competence-based learning at four levels;
•    Introductory [Level 2] (designed for new entrants or those whose work relates to the supply chain, but are not directly involved in it)
•    Operational[Level3] (designed for team leaders and junior managers)
•    Tactical [Levels 4 and 5](designed for middle management)
•    Strategic [Level 6](designed for senior management)

Award Winning Service

The European Supply Chain Award for Excellence in Training and Professional Development is awarded for projects that have resulted in improvements to the supply chain via strategic use of training and development programmes.

in 2011 the award was won by the partnership of the Fritz Institute, the CILT and LLA for the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics programme.

Since LLA first started delivering these programmes is 2006, we have successfully graduated over 600 students in the three courses that constitute the Certification  programmes.

“The program is viewed as highly relevant and valuable by students, their managers, and senior stakeholders. We cite hundreds of examples of favorable comments, with only rare criticism. Benefits are seen in terms not only of improved performance by the trainees, but also in improved career development, increased confidence, improved recognition of the role of logistics, increased understanding of the wider scene, and improved professionalism. Students also report that they have enjoyed the course. These benefits translate into organizational performance improvements.”

 – CHL Evaluation Report

Meet the Team

Peter Jones

CEO and Managing Director

A military logistics specialist until 1998, and logistics and supply chain professional development trainer since then.  Experienced in the fields of both humanitarian and commercial logistics and supply chain management.

Carol Jones

Finance Director

From a senior NHS background, Carol knows that the Investment of time and money in studying is a big decision but she strongly believes that professional development brings reward in terms of career progression, improved job satisfaction/business performance and personal fulfilment.

Adrian Leigh

Centre Coordinator

Adrian is our senior Coach and Internal Verifier.  He works closely with ourAwarding Bodies to ensure we remain fully compliant with their requirements for regulated qualifications.

International Partners

Our international partners are training organisations in different parts of the world with whom LLA has had a long standing relationship. They deliver learning programmes in conjunction with LLA and these can lead to the award of UK regulated qualifications:
New Zealand - Logistics Training Group

The Logistics Training Group Ltd (LTG) can provide applied distance educational services throughout New Zealand Australia and the Asia-Pacific Rim. They aim to assist students along their pathway to a successful and rewarding career in the Logistics World of Supply Chain, Inventory, Warehousing, Sourcing and Procurement, Production, International Business, Movement of Goods (Transport), Road Freight, Retail Supply Chain, Supply Chain Network Planning, and Supply Chain Flow Planning. Read more at Logistics Training Group


The Logistics Training Group also has links to the Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programme run by Massey University, NZ. Superior performance on the CILT(UK) Professional Diploma can lead to access to this distance learning programme through recommendation from LLA to the Logistics Training Group.

Republic of Ireland - Hytech Logistics

Hytech Logistics, headquartered in Dublin, has provided Logistics Solutions to National and Multinational clients since entering the market in 2000. HyTech Logistics are one of very few companies worldwide offering clients the choice of outsourcing their operations or alternatively upskilling their staff to deliver improved operational output. Read more at Hy-Tech Logistics

Malta - Support Supply Management Group

SSM Group Ltd. was established in 1997 with the aim of enhancing human resources skills in logistics, transport and supply chain management. Read more at Support & Supply Management Group

Singapore - Advance Supply Chain Solutions

Advance Supply Chain Training Centre adopts a strategic and integrated approach, through a combination of business process improvements, with change management, information technology and in-depth industry knowledge, to provide solutions that bring tangible values to their clients. Read more at Advance Supply Chain Solutions

International Ambassadors

LLA International Ambassadors are coaches/graduates of LLA who assist in the delivery of programmes locally. All employed within the humanitarian logistics sector, their role is to help promote LLA Tutor-led and online programmes, assist our Coaches when they are in-country for learning programmes. They can also be Coaches for LLA in the online learning programmes. Our current Ambassadors are:
Kenneth Otieno Akoko

Kenneth is an experienced Pharmacy Manager and Medical Logistician with expansive experience in Medical programs and healthcare Supply Chain Management. A CHL and MedLog graduate, Kenneth also works as an LLA Coach, helping deliver HELM in Kenya and also coaching our Fritz sponsored Programmes.

Jeremie Rolda Dalusma

Jeremie has experience in both humanitarian and commercial logistics. Like Kenneth, Jeremie has also studied with LLA, completing CHL in 2015, and coaches our Fritz Programmes. He has also helped to coach the HELM Events in Haiti.

Johanchal G. Wrobeh

Johanchal is an experienced logistician, he is currently studying the CHL Programme with LLA and helps organise and arrange HELM Events in Liberia.