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Fully Coach Supported, Competence Based Learning

The innovative learning process is based on a case study of a simulated operation, either a business organisation or humanitarian relief operation as appropriate.

The coaches are all logistics and supply chain professionals, from a range of backgrounds spanning commercial, humanitarian and military sectors.  All are driven by one vision - to help students through to completion of their programmes  - we want you to ask the questions when you need help and guidance.  It is what we are all here for.

Your programme is supported by extensive learning materials and interactive coaching. Candidates demonstrate their competence by applying their experience, supplemented with knowledge gained through researching the learning materials, then completing a series of tasks. These are designed to lead to an improvement in functional performance.

Programmes are designed to be:

  1. Experiential - bringing out previous experience and demonstrating this in practice
  2. Developmental - where there isn't the depth of experience, new knowledge is gained and the application of this demonstrated in a risk-free environment
  3. Challenging - Experience shows that where the student is challenged to discover relevant information the rate of retention is a considerable improvement over other methods of learning

Students receive coaching and guidance after each task submission and as requested. Coaches can be contacted via email, Skype and telephone. During UK office hours 0830-1700 there is always somebody available and access is unlimited.  We can also be contacted outside of these hours through Skype and are always happy to talk to students who need our help and guidance.