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Business Skills Training

Both coaching and mentoring are processes that enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential.

We can provide coaching and mentoring programmes for your team in any of our specialist areas of Management, the Supply Chain and Logistics.

Logistics Skills Coaching

The Logistics Learning Alliance definition of coaching is that it enables the learner to do something better than they would have done had the coach not been there.  In order to bring about effective coaching, the following has to be recognised:

  •     The Coach is a subject expert
  •     The Coach is available
  •     The Coach is responsive
  •     The Coach is consistent
  •     The Coach is confidential
  •     The Coach must understand the client and have their trust

We have worked with a number of clients who have enjoyed a one-to-one coaching experience with LLA.  Intended as an approach for either one-to-one with Operations/ Section Managers or can even be on a small team basis.  


The LLA Process of Coaching

Carried out either at your premises or our offices, we work with your nominated manager or team to develop their own solutions affecting your business.  It was believed that the highest value from this type of intervention is obtained from the process of thinking through the required tasks. The coach needs to be proactive in their approach, and this is achieved by encouraging the learner to go through the thinking process, rather than follow greater direction.  It allows them to build on their experience, challenge existing cultures and mores and develop their own solutions, based on industry best practice.  Thus leaving the learner to develop their own learning and project plan for how they were going to approach the issues they face, together with the reporting milestones.  And the LLA coach is available after the event to provide assistance and guidance from the LLA coach as required.

Each coaching intervention will follow a model, such as GROW

  •     What is the GOAL we are trying to achieve
  •     What is the REALITY
  •     What are our OPTIONS
  •     WHEN will we know that we have achieved the goal

Skills coaching & mentoring

Skills coaching has some commonalities with one-to-one training. Skills coaches & mentors combine a holistic approach to personal development with the ability to focus on the core skills an employee or team need to perform in their role/s. Skills coaches & mentors should be highly experienced and competent in performing the skills they teach.

Job roles are changing at an ever increasing rate in the logistics and supply chain areas. Traditional training programmes are often too inflexible or generic to deal with these fast moving requirements. In these instances one-to-one skills coaching allows a flexible, adaptive 'just-in-time' approach to skills development. It is also possible to apply skills coaching in 'live' environments rather than taking people away from the job into a 'classroom' where it is less easy to simulate the job environment.

Skills coaching programmes are tailored specifically to the individual or team, their knowledge and experienceand is generally focused on achieving a number of objectives for both the individual, team and the company.

One-to-one skills training is not the same as the 'sitting next to Nelly' approach to 'on the job training'. What differentiates it is that like any good personal or professional development intervention it is based on an assessment of need in relation to the job-role, delivered in a structured (but highly flexible) manner, and generates measurable learning and performance outcomes. This form of skills training is likely to focus purely on the skills required to perform the job function even though it may adopt a facilitative coaching approach instead of a 'telling' or directive style.