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Date Posted
Looking for 
 19th May 2016 Laura Fernandez  
 23rd May 2016 Sahir Aslam  
 23rd May 2016 Yacouba Kaboré  Health procurement and supply chain management 
21st June 2016 Kantangar Temadji Supply Officer/Assistant
26th July 2016 Armand Adon

Medical Logistician Roles

17th May 2017 Almussana Mohamad  
29th November 2017 Ramazani Kituka Rocardo Eno Supply Log, Freight Manager, Warehouse Manager, Log all around, Log Admin, Deputy Log Coordinator, Project Manager, Program Manager, Log Coordinator in the humanitarian sector.
17th April 2018  Hadeer A. Ghareeb Humanitarian 
17th April 2018  Stephen Oling Humanitarian 


Ramazani Kituka Rocardo Eno:

With a vast background and experience in supply logistics which I accumulated while working with MSF for the twelve years, I hereby submit my letter of interest in supply chain management in both,project or country level.

I possess a deep and strong experience in logistics, supply chain management and strategic procurement tools, I have honed capability to link organizational strategies to key performances and achievements, Throughout my posting with MSF Holland Mission South Kivu, I have managed logistics; supervision, coaching, driving and building capacities for the team members. 

Laura Fernandez:

I have a great blend of business and supply chain. My experience in logistics comes from procurement planning, warehousing, demand planning and distribution. My goal is to integrate the whole chain, getting a more cost efficient outcome, while maintaining a solid M&E program to ensure meeting the service requirement.

Sahir Aslam:

As you would note from my CV I have gain extensive experience of logistical management in my current position as Senior Logistian and throughout my twelve years in this profession.  While fulfilling my responsibilities I have always strived to bring efficiencies, increase effectiveness of processes, deliver cost cutting strategies and improve the performance of my team/department/organization. Over last twelve years as Logistics and supply chain professional I have aspired to be the best in my field and have really benefited from the professional development opportunities offered to me. My ultimate career aspiration is to represent the logistics and supply chain sector at a senior management level on an international scale.

Yacouba Kaboré:

I am looking for a position as Health procurement and supply chain management.

Hailegiorgis Gonder Kassa:

Interested in applying for the position of Logistics Coordinator/Manager that might coincide with his educational background and work experience.

Hailegiorgis is a motivated individual with experience in Business Management, Purchasing and Supplies Management and is a graduate of the Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) and Certification in HumanitarianLogistics (CHL).

Hailegiorgis has acquired a good knowledge of Logistics Management, including all its components with the ability not only to identify and understand organisational business goals, but also developing new and improved logistics systems, structure and plans with the aim of helping an organisation to achieve their goals.