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Humanitarian Logistics Courses

Humanitarian Logistics Courses

Designed, developed and much sought after by the major humanitarian aid agencies, the Fritz Institute/CILT humanitarian logistics and supply chain qualifications are unique in attesting the professional competence and skills of those delivering aid when and where it is needed. 

These programmes are specifically to help build supply chain and logistics capacity within humanitarian aid organisations and are exclusively delivered online and fully supported by our team of professionally qualified coaches, by Logistics Learning Alliance on behalf of the Certification Advisory Group.

We also provide face-to-face training in a variety of different countries or to meet humanitarian organisational needs through our HELM programme.

The Fritz Institute/CILT Certification in Humanitarian Logistics/Supply Chain Management Programmes

Endorsed by the Humanitarian Logistics Association the Fritz/CILT Certification programmes, CHL, CHSCM and MedLog give the candidate international and inter-organisational recognition of their experience and learning.  The competence for Certification is demonstrated over the duration of the programmes which are delivered online and through email.  

The approach to the Fritz Certification programmes is competence rather than knowledge based. Through our online, distance learning process you will be required to demonstrate your experience and learning gained within the simulated disaster relief scenario. Find out how the humanitarian programmes have benefitted those working in the sector by reading our Testimonials page.

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An example of an assignment from the programme is shown in the YouTube video linked CHL Unit 2 Example

LLA is an Enhanced Learning Credits provider, Number 2408. Enhanced Learning Credits are eligible for CHL and CHSCM programmes.

HELM - Workshop Events for Open Courses or Within-Organisation Delivery

Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) - Designed for those wanting to refresh their logistics and supply chain knowledge, or as an induction to the Certification programmes. Can be run as face-to-face events or as bespoke training for an organisation.  These programmes can be a useful stepping stone to the full Certification programmes.

How LLA delivers programmes

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And this is just the start, completion of the Logistics or Supply Chain Certification programmes can give you entry to further programmes to enhance your career and recruitment prospects. Contact us for more details on how LLA can help you access BSc and MSc programmes.

CHL is for those who work, or aspire to work, within humanitarian aid organizations in logistical and supply functions, typically involving Warehousing, Transport and/or Inventory. Also available in French.

CHSCM is for experienced humanitarian logisticians who have several years logistics and supply chain experience and are engaged in planning, resourcing and managing the supply chain and the implementation of supply chain strategy.

MedLog is ideal for experienced logisticians or medical specialist handing the medical supply and cold chain within humanitarian organizations.

Designed for those who need to have a greater understanding of how to implement Cash Transfer programmes, and for Graduates of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) or Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (CHSCM) programmes.

HELM is designed for those new to the humanitarian sector or those wanting to refresh their humanitarian logistics and supply chain knowledge. Studied primarily through face-to-face training events with the option of distance learning available.