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LLA Newsletter - Summer 2017 Edition

Jul 21, 2017

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Training – a benefit or a burden?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. That quote is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Whether it be at school, at university or in the workplace, education is the key to improving a person’s ability to think independently and to improve life opportunities.

When we consider education within a working environment, this normally takes the shape of training. This can either be training that an individual decides to pursue in order to improve their chances of getting a better job or gain a better understanding of their chosen sector, or that an organisation chooses in order to improve the performance of their staff.

For organisations who have identified a need for their team to improve their skills, it can be difficult to decide what kind of training they want; should it be in-house or off-site? Face-to-face or e-learning? Which staff members need the training? And how much will it cost? When considering these questions, it can be easy for companies to decide that the process of organising training is just too hard and time-consuming and the issue of staff training can fall off the agenda altogether. After all, when do you have the time to consider your training requirements? When you have orders to fulfil and customers to satisfy? This leads to many companies, big and small, believing that the burdens of educating their team outweigh any potential benefits. 

Developing your team shouldn’t be a box ticking exercise or a chore, and it doesn’t have to be something that strikes fear or dread into your staff. Improving your team should be about developing their skills and knowledge so they become better at their job, and become more confident in themselves. Establishing a pro-learning, pro-opportunity environment within your business will not only encourage your staff to stay, but will persuade other talented people to join. A trained team are a happier, more valued, more productive and more effective team.

In our Blog, we attempt to address concerns related to training yourself and/or your team.

Working together to achieve success!

We had a very busy June, which saw our tutors delivering courses, Certificates being awarded and new businesses discussing further bespoke programmes. Well done to all students at Dunlop, Ultima Displays and Eddie Stobart Ltd who have studied and completed courses and workshops with us. We look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future. 

"I would like to thank you, for the last 2 days, I have enjoyed the course, and I am looking forward to doing the assignments and learning more" - Heidi Lakin, Ultima Displays

“I enjoy how the course is delivered, it’s better than I expected” - Ian Allen, Eddie Stobart Ltd

"The Health & Safety aspects of the course has opened my employee's eyes , I am happy that they enjoyed the course" - Alan Fleming, Dunlop

UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC - Next Workshop
21st September 2017

The UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC is an online course, with the option of a face-to-face workshop at our training centre in Coalville, Leicestershire. The next optional workshop is on 21st September 2017.

Students can also choose to study the Management & Leadership and Warehousing units as single unit short courses, with the option of upgrading to the full Warehouse Manager CPC.

For more information about either the workshop or single unit option, please call Kelly Woodward on 07717 758352 or email

Van Excellence - What it is, and why you need it?

The Van Excellence Driver Certificate of Competence Course has been developed in conjunction with Van Excellence Accredited Operators, with two principal aims; to address work-related road risk and to create a learning pathway for driver development. Read More


Smart Innovation & Networking for Growth (SING)

Together with the East Midlands Chamber and Microlise, LLA are pleased to be hosting the Smart Innovation & Networking for Growth (SING) - Logistics and Distribution Event at our centre in Coalville, Leicestershire on 9th August 2017. Read More



Return visit to Liberia Hope Daycare and Elementary School

Our coach Haydn Sandvig returned in June 2017 to visit the Liberia Hope Daycare and Elementary School, where donations from LLA and other supporters have helped to build brand new classrooms at the school. Read More

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