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LLA Humanitarian Newsletter - Summer 2017

Aug 11, 2017

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The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Logistician

Since the introduction of the Fritz Institute sponsored Certification Programmes over 10 years ago, hundreds of students have completed their course with LLA and have become certified logisticians, supply chain managers and medical logistics practitioners.  The programmes are each designed to Certify the candidates ability to apply their skills through a combination of their experience or the learning provided.

Students use an online case study called SCILaid which is based on a simulated humanitarian response effort. SCILaid provides the information to allow students to complete their assignments, combining both practical knowledge and experience.

Upon completion of their Programme, graduates have been happy to provide examples of how they have used what they learned whilst studying in the real world when providing humanitarian assistance to those in need:

"I just returned from a one month trip to assist a health clinic in Sierra Leone.  I found what I had learned in humanitarian logistics to be invaluable to them in assisting them in so many ways in warehousing, inventory management, procurement, transportation, and hiring just to name a few.  I really appreciate what I learned from your certification course." - Holly Graf, CHL graduate.

"The knowledge that i have acquired helped me design a food program and its supply chain for the on-going Ebola Response Program in Sierra Leone." - Daniel Ekitela Ekuwom, CHSCM student

"The strategies and tools described in the programme can be applied to many aspects of life. For instance, some of the management techniques are helping our children’s mission programme in Tanzania." - John Mwafise Woloko, CHL graduate

Whilst the Programmes are designed to improve skills and knowledge, these unique courses are also recognised by many of the leading humanitarian organisations and NGO's which can help improve an applicants chances when applying for jobs. Here is one example:

"Since completion of the Course I have more confidence in terms of applying for more jobs and over the last couple of months I have been short-listed for job interviews I have applied for like NRC, UN agencies and GOAL Ireland. To me this clearly indicate that NGOs see the value in the Course as it covers all that a Logistician needs as a tool in his/her work." - Joseph Abu, CHL graduate.


Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) Training Events - September-November 2017

We were delighted to return to Monrovia in Liberia at the end of June to deliver the latest in our Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) training events. These are introductory programmes that are a good stepping stone to the full Certification programmes, a useful add-on for those already studying or just great as stand-alone courses for those new to the humanitarian logistics sector.

We have also run events in Kenya and Haiti, with close to one hundred students attending since the start of 2017.

HELM has proved to be a huge success since it's launch in 2015, with humanitarian organisations including ICRC, CARE, Last Mile Health, CRS, UNOPS, World Health Organisation and Mary's Meals International funding their staff to attend the training.

Our next training events are:

23rd - 26th October 2017 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory and Fleet Management & Transport - $795.00 USD

20th - 24th November 2017 - Nairobi, Kenya: Advanced Supply Chain Manager - $1,075.00 USD

27th - 30th November 2017 - Nairobi, Kenya: Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory and Fleet Management & Transport - $795.00 USD

Return visit to Liberia Hope Daycare and Elementary School

Our coach Haydn Sandvig returned in June 2017 to visit the Liberia Hope Daycare and Elementary School, where donations from LLA and other supporters have helped to build brand new classrooms at the school.

Haydn's return visit to the school took place before two Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) Events at the nearby Bella Cassa Hotel.

Thank you to everyone who donated last year, your donations are greatly appreciated by all of the students and staff at the school.

And here's Haydn, pupils and staff having a quick game of volleyball at the school in football shirts donated by Grimsby Town supporters and other football fans! View Video


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