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Feedback from a CHL Graduate

Nov 14, 2017

Category: General / Posted by: pjones

My view and the feeling at the moment:

‘‘First of all, I am very thankful to you and all the LLA team including my tutor (Adrian Leigh) for your valuable guidance and necessary supports as and when the situation demanded. As a result, today I got this opportunity to celebrate the moment.

 I don’t know how to thank to the (CILT) #ASPIRE foundation. Because I only know the word thank is not good enough. As I can imagine without the financial support from the foundation, my dream wouldn’t have come true. But It became just in reality because of the foundation’s support. As mentioned, my word only thank is not good enough. But what I can assure is the gained valuable knowledge will be utilized in best possible way. It will be distributed, shared and spread to my team members, colleagues and other logiticians within and the outside the organization (where required) in order to achieve effective and efficient humanitarian supply chain process.

 About the course it was very practical, easy understanding and the method of study was superb. And the tutors feedbacks were always helped me understanding in depth. The reply from the student support team was on time. And regarding the tasks, every tasks was not that easy but always made me think more and be a creative thinker. As a result, the knowledge gained have help me more organized and professional and ultimately supported in increasing departmental productivity. I believe this is also the ladder for me to grow in my career span. This is not only the certification course but most of humanitarian logisticians dream course. Where I would say I am the lucky persons amongst those group of peoples.

 Last but not the list, During the course I have had opportunity to connect with many people from the different countries and organizations from the humanitarian supply chain background. Which was a very good part of this course to gain situation based knowledge. I am very thankful to all of them for being in contact and sharing knowledge and ideas.’’

Rup Lal Baral, Nepal, Kathmandu

CHL Graduate November 2017

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