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Message from our LLA West Africa Ambassador

Dec 20, 2017

Category: General / Posted by: pjones

It has been a great year for me and a fantastic opportunity to keep working with the Logistics Learning Alliance.

The year began with me making a promise to my tutor, Haydn Sandvig, that I would have completed my CHL by the time of the next HELM event, which was March 2017.

Haydn laughed and said he was looking forward to it but with little doubts. He was right!! The ride was long and obviously not a cake walk. Amazingly, the team was available always to answer questions and provide guidance.

With two HELM events successfully conducted in Liberia this year, with the awards of Certificates and Diplomas to almost 40 graduates, and the opportunity to meet and network with peers from different INGOs and UN agencies, it was very rewarding for me.

I am filled with great joy and I feel a great sense of fulfillment today because of my time studying and working with LLA.

Just a week after completing CHL, I have had two interviews already, leading to an offer with great organizations. One of these companies is a global logistics giant in the shipping business and the other is a big INGO implementing several USAID projects around the world.

There is truly endless opportunities with the LLA. I look forward to an exciting 2018 as we work to deliver our programs that ultimately bring relief to the sufferings of people, there by making the world a better place.


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