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End of Year Message from the Managing Director

Dec 22, 2017

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From Peter Jones, Managing Director at LLA

Here we are at the end of 2017 – who would have thought that another year could have passed so quickly.

This has been another good year for LLA – we have enrolled a total of 459 students this year, in a mix of programmes from the Humanitarian and commercial sectors. 253 humanitarian logisticians have completed Programmes, and 25 UK commercial students have also graduated.

For the humanitarian logisticians, the strength and success of the Certification programmes continues- 220 new students started their programme this year either in Logistics, Supply Chain Management or Medical Logistics practices. 2017 has been a year of some major humanitarian events, with the Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh and South Sudan amongst the worst affected, yet still our students working in these areas continue to push their work in.  The team here at LLA are both humbled and inspired by their commitment, both to providing the required humanitarian support and also their Certification programme.

This year also, we have been working with Humansurge. The Humansurge website acts as a portal for both individuals seeking recruitment from humanitarian agencies and also as a source of recruits for the agencies.  It also provides a database of qualified logisticians for emergency situations.  Graduates of the Certification programmes can badge their completion of the programme making it visible to all of the agencies.

In our face to face programmes, our HELM master classes in Logistics and Supply Chain were delivered in Haiti, Liberia and Kenya and a total of 129 students attended these programmes. Whether as a stepping stone to the full Certification programme or as a Professional Development programme in their own right, the feedback we have had has been outstanding with a clamour for more programmes.  We have also introduced fast-track programmes for the UKWA Warehouse Manager and Warehouse Supervisor programmes – five days intensive workshops, with a live assessment at the end of the week.  A different model from the wholly online version of the programme.

2017 has seen the real take-off of the UK Warehouse Association Warehouse Manager and Warehouse Supervisor programmes.  Based on a model of competence, these programmes are designed for experienced Managers and Supervisors or those aspiring to these roles.  They allow the candidate to demonstrate their existing experience, while confirming their ability to apply  that knowledge in the practical reality of warehouse operations. With a focus on Management and leadership in the warehouse environment, they will give the senior team the confidence to bring in improvements in productivity in this area.

Finally, we have been working closely again with the UK Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in helping to develop the market for the Humanitarian Logistics Certification programmes but also as a Centre for all of the UK regulated qualifications. We continue to draw in high numbers of service leavers, who can get help with funding through Enhanced Learning credit support for any of the UK L3 or above qualifications or for the Logistics and Supply Chain humanitarian programmes.

So that’s it – a close down for another year and a good opportunity for us to pause and get our breath back before re-opening on the 2nd of January, to continue to work with our existing students and to encourage those who have not yet entered our world of learning to do so.  Our reward is to see the great positive testimonials from our graduated students on the website. 

We look forward to working with you all in 2018.  I hope you have a peaceful, safe and secure New Year holiday.

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