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Student feedback from HELM Graduate

Jan 11, 2018

Category: General / Posted by: pjones

We have received some great feedback from Rosine Shami, a graduate of the Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) Programme:

"Haydn stimulates interesting and constructive exchanges with his audience, in which he favors discussions and sharing of their humanitarian experiences and his rich experience in military and commercial logistics.

At first contact with Haydn, his humility, flexibility and humor make him very quickly friendly. As a result, learning with him becomes easy and participants have no reluctance to intervene throughout the different sessions.

Haydn keeps in touch with his learners even after the various events and keeps them informed about training opportunities or even jobs in different international organizations. This is a way to accompany them in a professional development process.

It was a pleasure for me to have you as a coach. I can not hope better from a coach. HE IS AMONGST THE BEST."

Thanks for your feedback, Rosine.

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