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Student feedback from graduate Johanchal G. Wrobeh

Feb 8, 2018

Category: General / Posted by: pjones

Lovely comments from our Liberia Ambassador Johanchal G. Wrobeh who has recently graduated from CHL. Well done Johanchal from everyone at LLA!

"I am so happy that I have finally completed the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics course after two years. Thanks to my formal boss Sinead Clear, who is also a great friend, i am grateful to you for all your support on this journey. You are such a wonderful person and i look forward to doing you proud wherever the skills gotten from this course will be applied.

To the team at LLA, let me say kudos to everybody; Your customer service and student support team is exceptional. I personally want to thank Caroline McClung, for her support during this journey; making the tasks available and everything. you are amazing!!!!!

The additional skills i have gotten on top of what the certification offer is accredited to one man, Haydn Sandvig. A wonderful coach/mentor, a people's person, a great friend and father. He coaches with everything in him, pouring out all of himself to his students; providing guidance even during weekends when he is on the stadium, or normal days as late as midnight!!!! you are a rock star Haydn Sandvig. Thank you.

During days when i was caught deep into other activities and will not keep the task coming, the push came from my better half, my darling Pearline Wrobeh. This achievement is yours also. Thank you!"

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