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Online Courses and Logistic Short Courses

Our range of short courses in Supply Chain and Logistic Short Courses are a starting point for professional development that can lead on to a more rewarding and fulfilling career. If you don't get the promotion you need - someone else will.

Areas covered include the supply chain, warehousing, transport, procurement and sourcing, logistics operations, inventory control.

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How LLA Delivers Programmes

More Information?

LLA Introductory courses are available in the following subject areas.  

Warehousing, Supply Chain, Transport, Inventory, Production.

LLA Intermediate courses are available in many subjects including-

Warehousing, Supply Chain, Transport, Inventory, Production, Fleet, People & Performance, Leadership and Management, Green Logistics and Global Logistics.

LLA Advanced courses are available in supply chain and logistics areas including -

Warehousing, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Flow, Supply Chain Network Planning, Transport, Production, Retail Logistics and Continuous Improvement

Aimed at people new to logistics or to the concept of supply chain, and people working in other areas who need to understand the supply chain and how it fits the objectives of the business.

Aimed at Supervisors and Managers responsible for the day-to-day activities of supply chain operations, as well as Managers of other departments who require a more in-depth knowledge of how the supply chain operations work.

Aimed at Managers with responsibility for planning supply chain and logistics activities in the medium term.

Short Programmes on Establishing a safe working environment

HELM is designed for those new to the humanitarian sector or those wanting to refresh their humanitarian logistics and supply chain knowledge. Studied primarily through face-to-face training events with the option of distance learning available.