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Supply Chain Management Courses

supply chain courses

Supply Chain Qualifications

Supply Chain is the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption and reverse logistics.  It is the life-blood of all UK manufacturing, importing, exporting and retailing activity.

Our Supply Chain Management programmes develop your knowledge of how this vital sector works from an introductory level through to advance supply chain management. Along the way you will learn the skills needed to audit your own supply chain and identify key performance improvements

LLA Short Courses

LLA Introductory Supply Chain
LLA Intermediate Supply Chain
LLA Advanced Supply Chain 

LLA Intermediate Green Logistics
LLA Intermediate Global Logistics

Last Mile Logistics - DOPsys

A crucial part of any supply chain is “final-mile” delivery— the last leg of the supply chain, in which products are delivered to required site and positioned to a point of use where they can be finally commissioned by technical staff if required.  DOPsys is a business process designed to provide and industry standard for technical installations.  DOPsys provides the industry with a measured level of training and a standard to which the customer will know will meet their exacting standards and demands. Accepted as the technical distribution standard to be adopted by leading companies such as Schneider Electric, qualification to deliver to DOPsys standards is delivered by LLA

Accreditation of LLA Short Courses

Some of our LLA short courses can also be studied as accredited CILT units and can build towards a formal CILT qualification. Contact us for more information.

CILT Qualifications

CILT Level 2
CILT Level 3
CILT Level 5
CILT Level 6