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Testimonials from Certification and HELM Students

Experiences and Comments from Students from the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Programmes

Updated September 2018

“Logistics' is the magic word behind the scenes of an emergency, responsible for making the supply network respond promptly and effectively while building channels for the humanitarian aid. When it comes to 'Medical Logistics', it is like the magic itself comes intuitively to life; complicated by default but with more aspects to be processed and scheduled by line.

Many thanks to LLA, CILT, Fritz Institute and to the people who helped/inspired/intrigued and allowed all this effort to come true. My tutor Kenneth Akoko is among them!

The MedLog programme is a remarkable course, well-structured and full of simulated examples, providing step-by-step information on how the Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices don't rely on magic but on well-trained staff with particular knowhow.”

Varvara (Valia) Lithari, Médecins Sans Frontiéres – Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) Graduate


"During this course, I have developed my skills in checking goods for quality and quantity on dispatch, checking the right type of supplier by following the proper procurement procedures, the importance of having the right type of vehicles and the importance of working closely with agents.

The course helped me to understand that logistics in humanitarian organisations is there to save lives and alleviate suffering. My interaction with colleagues has improved and I am now being consulted in all future plans and in some crucial meetings. I am now able to serve beneficiaries more efficiently than before.

The time allocated was fine. I finished the course some 4 months ahead of time. I am very confident and can now share the knowledge in an amazing way to the rest of the people in the organisation. I have recommended my work mates and two have already started the programme.”

Freddie Mukwekwe – Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) Graduate


“I pass my regards to all Fritz Institute team , a special acknowledgment goes to my Tutor  Haydn Sandvig. Indeed, my tutor taught me the practical applications of my course.

He has tested my capability to think and develop my studies by giving me follow up questions that certainly prepared me enough to have the courage. I felt that my application in the Case Study SCILaid and the follow up questions from my institute and the coaching of my tutor and the perfect role played by Logistics Learning Alliance will make me a perfect medical logistician.

I am here to express that my happiness and my success was through your hard work. You have provided a quality practical application in logistics to the world so that humanitarian logistics can work efficiently.”

Said Ahmed Muse – Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) student


“A wealthy thanks to LLA, especially the Prof Haydn, for putting together this well organised and practical oriented courses. The course allowed me to have the opportunity to mingle with the most educated and professional field men and women.

I have been an International Transport Assistant and Regional Transport Officer for almost 20 years where I manage everything concerning supply chain (Logistics, transport, procurement, warehouse, material, etc.) in a broader perspective.

A lack of practical experience puts managers under unnecessary pressures. After attending the three short intensive courses, the practical experience I got from Prof Haydn and fellowstudents from different fields have assisted me to understand."

Mac Promese AMEGASHIE – Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) Graduate


"Thank you team LLA, CILT and aspire for giving me this amazing opportunity. Being a non-pharmacist, I’m now able to manage the health supply chain more confidently and tactfully. This became possible due to the generous scholarship by the Aspire, immense administrative support from the team LLA, and technical guidance and coaching of my tutor Kenneth Akoko.

MedLog is a wonderful program, it’s a complete set of learning and technical guidelines required to manage a complex medical supply chain. This program is more beneficial for the health logistician who is not pharmacist like me. I'm so pleased to have my program completed. Thank you Aspire, LLA, CILT and Fritz."

Ali Asghar Qureshi - MedLog Graduate




“I would like to tell you and everybody else involved how much I enjoy this course work so far. It is a really very well designed study material and I especially enjoy studying a real world scenario. What a difference to the coursework and multiple choice test I did here at the local University! Thank you!”

Marcus Teply - Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) Student


“I have attended many certification programs in different parts of the world, many workshops and training, but to say the truth and nothing else but the truth, CHL is one of the best learning programs I have ever attended in my life. Honestly, it built my functional capacity, it is practical and very much useful. I have recommended this programme to about 10 UN staff in Yemen and all share same comments.

A special appreciation to the team, namely Caroline McClung from Student Support, my Tutor Peter Jones and other members who are behind the scenes who dedicate their valued time. They provide very kind support, timely responses and concrete feedback, going beyond their maximum efforts supporting me through the period of my learning until I achieve this important certification.

I hope I will hear good news from CILT UK soon with PASS mark. My success is your success!”

Ali Zabara, UNHCR - Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) Student

"I am pleased to share my thoughts that today I have completed my Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) programme after 2 years of continuous struggle.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the Logistics Learning Alliance team, particularly the Fritz Institute and CILT (UK) for a very collaborative, world class partnership in training and professional development.

The MedLog program is practically incomparable. It has been designed to directly cover all aspects of humanitarian medical logistics that one applies and adds to his/her own set of skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently serve people of concern in humanitarian settings. I enjoyed learning the course and interacting tirelessly with my outstanding and inspiring coach till I get acquainted that” behind every medical product there is a supply chain!”

Once again I am so grateful for having chosen to pursue and complete this programme with your institutes and thanks to all fellows who chose or who will choose to pursue the Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) programme, a programme which is out of this world."

- Mutabazi Placide, Save the Children International, Rwanda - MedLog Graduate.


“Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I nearly gave up at one point thinking it was impossible to finish in time but my family rallied behind me to help me get through.

A BIG thank you to Adrian Leigh too for marking my assignments as quickly as I was sending them through. I always tried to incorporated feedback he gave from previous tasks and applied it in other tasks. 

It's a really good course. So happy I stuck in there and completed it. Looking forward to applying all I have learnt.”

Annalese Penh - Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) Student

"I am so happy that I have finally completed the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics course after two years. Thanks to my formal boss Sinead Clear, who is also a great friend, i am grateful to you for all your support on this journey. You are such a wonderful person and i look forward to doing you proud wherever the skills gotten from this course will be applied.

To the team at LLA, let me say kudos to everybody; Your customer service and student support team is exceptional. I personally want to thank Caroline McClung, for her support during this journey; making the tasks available and everything. you are amazing!!!!!

The additional skills i have gotten on top of what the certification offer is accredited to one man, Haydn Sandvig. A wonderful coach/mentor, a people's person, a great friend and father. He coaches with everything in him, pouring out all of himself to his students; providing guidance even during weekends when he is on the stadium, or normal days as late as midnight!!!! you are a rock star Haydn Sandvig. Thank you.

During days when i was caught deep into other activities and will not keep the task coming, the push came from my better half, my darling Pearline Wrobeh. This achievement is yours also. Thank you!"

- Johanchal G. Wrobeh, CHL graduate and LLA Ambassador in Liberia


Words are often inadequate to express my joy for your help.

 I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to the entire family of the Logistics Learning Alliance for the effort ofcreating an environment of enthusiasm for learning and appreciation for growing,The course was really interesting , informative, comprehensive with very outstanding simulation cases particularly situations of detaland and Betaland where I am still interested to read and re read .

 The team’s reply was prompt, detailed and helpful. Your feedbacks on my assignments were on time, insightful, constructive and warm encouragements.

Finally, I am very grateful for the guidance and assistance you showed throughout my study tenure. Kindly convey my message to my tutor Adrian Leigh for his invaluable mentoring and I felt so blessed to have him as my tutor, and I thank you all so much for the time, effort and energy you spent to help me complete this course successfully."

- Ali Mohamoud, Logistics and Admin Coordinator at Norwegian Refugee council - CHSCM Graduate


"I would like to express my sincere thank to my tutor Haydn Sandvig for his guidance and great inputs for all of my tasks. Without his assistance, I could not have gone this far. And I also very much appreciate the help of the student support team during my 16 months journey with CHL. I believe all the knowledge that I gained through this course will enable me to go further in my future career path.

Now I have seen the big picture of all the core aspects of the supply chain and understood how it really works. I hope that I can apply that knowledge and serve more beneficiaries from any where in the world."

- Vu Thu Thuy, CHL graduate


"I am Janet Siama, currently working in Logistics Section for UNICEF in South Sudan- Rumbek Field office

Since the unrest situation in South Sudan, there are a lot of wars affected children and women. Due to this emergency that UNICEF had to face, and specially in Logistics section, I have been able to respond to many urgent requests by Program, able to manage the situation efficiently with the knowledge acquired from CHL course. I coordinate directly with Logistics Cluster staff to organise the delivery of cargo to the airport to be loaded on to aircraft to be delivered to numerous locations, remote villages and for RRM missions when necessary. I provided regular updates to staff in Country office and in remote locations when cargo is dispatched.

I have no enough words to express my happiness while receiving from you such excellent news relating to the completion of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics with your prestigious institution. I almost gave up not to continue with my study due to having very little time to work on my tasks, and this was because of the workload for the emergency response to save the lives of children and mothers in South Sudan.

Please allow me to show my gratitude towards each of you for having supported me during my studying time. With this regard, I would like to mention the followings:  the student support staff, Carol Jones the LLA executive director and finally my fabulous tutor Florence, my mentor, for her help via her questions to reinforce the task (s), even if I felt better with the word CLEAR!!!!!! 

Also, I need to mention the training you are providing is exceptional with a well-conceived method that allows students not only to gain knowledge but also to be able to apply them in the real life using the competency obtained from the available Units. 

The knowledge and skills acquired from the course have helped me bring positive change in the logistics department more specially in Warehouse, Inventory and Transport. I feel more confident in conducting my duties and responsibilities, and it is clear to me now what I need to do and how to do it, thanks to the course. My organization (UNICEF) will recognise the CHL certification and hope my file will be updated with this."

- Janet Siama Zebedao - CHL graduate



"I am delighted to announce that I have successfully completed CHL. PASS! 
Coming from a different field and driven by an interest in logistics and supply chain, I found the CHL an ideal course. Studying CHL has been a challenging adventure for me; it has provided me with solid humanitarian logistics theoretical knowledge, best practices, and practical experience. If you're on your way to make first steps into humanitarian logistics then CHL is your CHOICE. It comprehensively covers essential humanitarian logistics concepts, contains easy-to-understand reading material, practical tasks and much more. Good luck!"

- Ilhom Saidov, CHL graduate


"The knowledge I have gained has changed me in so many ways and has started changing lives of those I work and interact with.

A friend recently told me how their donor was unhappy to see how syringes and needles were not properly disposed of.  I advised him following what I have learnt from studying with your institution and referred him to your institution.”

- Jacques BIRUGURUGU, MedLog graduate





"The course is a broad and practical exercise which made me go through the whole process of planning and setting up the supply chain according to the field constraints and limitations. This has given me a good all-rounded and comprehensive idea about the whole supply chain as one unit. Thinking about the existing problems and of ways to overcome them was very stimulating as it made the whole exercise challenging and interesting at the same time.

Having worked as Operations Director for Mercy Corps in Yemen for over a year, the programme was a great asset for me in designing and implementing my supply chain strategy in several program areas specially food security & WASH

Having to respond and come up with solutions to simulated challenges and constraints was more relevant to me as working the field of humanitarian relief is rarely smooth and always challenging. Because a problem solving mind is the biggest asset for anyone working in this field.

The training allowed me to implement new improved procedures in my work, which increased my effectiveness overall. The idea behind my final project was based on a real problem that my organization faced in the field. Having thought about the solution first for the purpose of the programme, I was able to implement the proposed change in the design of the supply chain in reality. This has worked out perfectly and the problem faced by my organization was eliminated. I was glad to see the quality of service to beneficiaries being increased as a result."

- Wadhah Hubaishi, CHSCM graduate


My name is Saw Kar Li, I was born in an ordinary family in a small town Lashio, Northern Shan State, Myanmar. My ethnicity is Karen. My father is a pastor and my mother is a nurse. They nurtured me to establish my value even though they did not have chance to get higher education. They guided me to respect the value of dignity, admiration, honesty and love other. I was grown up in Lashio, and got Bachelor degree in Physics and Diploma in Business Studies at the University of Mandalay.

The 3rd July 1998 was to mark the beginning of my career with World Vision. In 2008 Cyclone Nargis Emergency Response, I realized logistics was a big part of my life to help vulnerable people in my country and improve their living standard. The experience where I served 2010 Haiti Earthquake Response and 2013 Typhone Haiyan Response in Philippine shaped me to be a logistician.

In World Vision Myanmar, there are some limitations funding resource in providing training at international level for individual staff capacity development. But I was able to study the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) program as my professional through sponsored from Fair & Easy Co. Ltd coordinate with LLA.

As nature and man-made disaster becomes more complex and on a larger scale in Myanmar, supply chain management is one of the components needed to fulfill the mission in Humanitarian response. On the other hand, logistics operations continue to be recognised as an essential function in these operations in Myanmar.

Through my study from CHL, I feel confident and passion in the field related with supply chain management. Also I was able to contribute to improve many colleagues competencies in logistics and built relationship with partners and stakeholders to support supply chain management in World Vision and logistics cluster in Myanmar.

The assignments were not difficult but accurately tested the student's understanding of the course materials. One must learn and understand the materials in order to successfully complete the assignments, so honest effort must be put in consistently during every week. I apply the concepts to solve some of the problems in my job, making the course much more interesting. This course is helpful to begin trying to practice the techniques in my actual work environment and challenge the new initiate. 

Overall I felt the course was very valuable. This allowed me to get a good grasp of how CHL can be applied in my job. The way this course was run and provided the supplementary materials were clear and easier for me to understand. I truly enjoyed this CHL and really liked the guidance from tutor and LLA admin for their support.

 I could share the warehouse management, fleet management, procurement so that our organization could review strength and weakness in logistics to develop planning, strategy and operation. Thus, my organization could fulfill the basic needs with a timely and effective manner to the affected populations in Myanmar. I would recommend the course to my logistics network as this is specially designed for Humanitarian Logistics with a real time exercise.

- Saw Karli, CHL graduate and CHSCM student


When I enrolled for CHSCM in 2012, I was working for UNHCR as Supply Assistant, then after I graduated 2014. I applied for my current job (logistics and procurement manager with UNIDO where the selection process were done by one of their donor HPF (health pooled fund), they were impressed to see my qualification, I was invited for written and oral interview, I demonstrated very well and I convinced them that I carry what it takes to hold the position of logistics & procurement manager then they selected me .That was for the first time when I tasted the fruit of LLA qualification and am still enjoying it now and I will continue enjoying it in the future.

The programmes have really contributed to the change in sense that before having enrolled in to the program, the way I thought to have been the best practices was totally not the case. Now the combination of experience, information found from course materials and interaction with my tutor during CHSCM & CHL programmes has contributed to greater success in the way I do carry my logistics duties, supervision of my staff and providing overall support and projects implementation plan with projects managers.

My organisation recognises LLA qualification based on the fact all humanitarian organisations recognise it. It really reflects the best practice based on humanitarian context and sphere project minimum standard, that is why the head of my organisation had to send two of my staff to attended the HELM event in Nairobi last year and he had to authorised the tuition fees to be carter for by organisation the way he did to me when I attended the same event in October this year.

This course has covered all the logistics functions where I have found myself fit in all areas of logistics e.g. warehousing, fleet, transport, supply chain, import/export and procurement, meaning that I can fit in any capacity within those areas mentioned above unlike before enrolled for this course.

- John Gatyiel Chuol, CHL, CHSCM and HELM graduate


"The Humanitarian Essential Logistics Module is an elementary course that introduces persons to the basics within supply chain management. It was indeed a great pleasure to attend the most recent HELM workshop in Nairobi, held on 21st – 29th June 2016.

The classes are not only engaging, but are an eye opener in many aspects. The beauty of the class combination is that the students are from diverse professional backgrounds, and therefore contribute greatly to the learning process with real life experiences. This makes learning quite interactive and interesting.

I would greatly recommend this course for anyone who would like to understand the basic fundamentals within supply chain management, whether in the humanitarian world or otherwise. It is delivered in easy to understand interactive and practical class sessions.

It was a pleasure sitting in this class facilitated by Haydn Sandvig, who exudes such passion for the subject, and seeks to impact the same to the students he interacts with."

Joyce Muriuki, HELM graduate and currently studying Certification in Humanitarian Logistics.



“Following the scholarship from Aspire Foundation in May 2015, I have completed the course in less than one year. Thanks Aspire, according to my commitment I’m contributing my experience in pure humanitarian field at South Sudan.

It's been a great experience to work and learn under my guide Haydn Sandvig. Thanks Haydn for your highly technical teaching and kind support.

My sincerest gratitude to LLA Admin team, particularly Caroline for huge support in learning process.

Currently I’m working as Head of Logistics for Solidarities International in South Sudan.”

Apurba Rudro, CHL graduate.


ApurbaI can’t believe my CHL journey is over!

I take this opportunity to first thank God for his grace in this amazing course. The thinking behind a simulated course is brilliant. Betaland felt real at all times. My special gratitude to FRITZ for scholarship that has made my dream come true. LLA staff your very accommodating to me and thank you for a personalized touch all through.

My Tutor Flo, you’re ingenious - I was humbled when you sacrificed your leave to respond to my queries and your commitment to give me every possible assistance that would pave way to a greater career path. I feel most equipped for humanitarian industry.

Facebook connections and discussion boards have been captivating and I look forward for more inspiring stories shared by fellow students. 

As I start Medlog, I am certain the program will be equally rewarding.  Thank you all.

Owen Wahome, CHL graduate.


John“I believe the course has imparted some excellent skills that I have applied in each new role that I’ve undertaken (even though they have all been outside the field of humanitarian logistics). I had very little understanding of this area when I first started out and I feel like the course gave me an incredible overview of the entire supply chain. For me it is important to have an idea of all aspects of the supply chain and how they interact so I found the whole course relevant. All tasks were well designed – each one built on the other and created a logical ‘story’. 

I have adapted my general approach to project management as I found many of the lessons learnt relevant and applicable to general project management and, therefore, the various roles I have been in even though they were all outside the field of humanitarian logistics. Tasks could generally be completed in a day to a week depending on complexity and coverage. Completing this course has given me the confidence to seek work in this field. I feel like I have been well equipped with a sound understanding of how this operations work as well as an idea of how practicalities could turn out (given the simulation nature of the course). Further, I have a highly recognisable qualification, which is considered an industry standard and very highly regarded within the field. I found the course highly enjoyable and interesting. I always felt really well supported and really appreciated the flexibility that was afforded me in completing the course.”

Lauren Barnard, CHL graduate.


Lauren-Barnard“The knowledge and skills acquired from the course have helped me bring positive change in the medical logistics department of my organization. I feel more confident in conducting my duties and responsibilities and it is clear to me now what I need to do and how to do it thanks to the course. My organization recognises the MedLog certification and my file have already been updated with this. 

The course is well structured to cover the core aspects of supply chain making it easy and enjoyable to learn. The support provided was prompt and invaluable, they were always happy to help. My interaction with programmes is much better. I know the information required from them and I keep them updated about Medlog activities.

Examples of improvements in my work include identifying medical needs for medical programmes, providing special storage requirements in terms of temperature, cold chain and controlled drugs, choosing the right mode of transport and how to manage medical waste and the process of disposal. I gained invaluable knowledge and skills in Medical logistics, this has helped me to grow as a person and to be of benefit to my organization. I am also sharing the knowledge with my staff.

Keep up the good work you are doing.”

Isaac Waweru  - MedLog graduate



AhsanI take immense pride in sharing that I have successfully completed my Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) from the Logistics Learning Alliance. Though this was my first experience of a distance learning course, however as the course contents were well designed and on account of all the support of my advisors, Haydn Sandvig and Carol Wooldridgefrom the Student Support Team, I was enabled to excel in every new assignment.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the Logistics Learning Alliance team, as professional Supply Chain specialists, particularly the Fritz Institute and CILT (UK) for a very collaborative, world class partnership in training and professional development. I also owe my gratitude to John Snow Inc; (USAID | DELIVER PROJECT) for providing an opportunity for my personal skill development through the Medlog course.

Currently I’m employed with John Snow Inc; USAID | DELIVER PROJECT as a Procurement and Freight Specialist and am confident that the Medlog course will contribute towards my career progression and allow me to better serve the people of my country.

Thank you for your tremendous support

Syed Iftikhar Bukhari - MedLog graduate.


Jeremie Rolda Dalusma

I have not enough words to express my happiness while receiving from you such excellent news relating to the completion of the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics with your prestigious institution.

Please allow me to show my gratitude towards each of you for having supported me during my studying time. With this regard I would like to mention the followings:  the student support staff, Carol Jones the Finance Director, Peter Jones LLA executive director and finally my fabulous tutor Haydn Sandvig for his help via his questions in order to reinforce the task, even if I felt better with the word CLEAR!!!!!!  

Also, I need to mention the training you are providing is exceptional with a well conceived method that allows students not only to gain knowledge but also to be able to apply them in the real life using the competency obtained from the available Units. 

Currently I am working for AECOM/USAID.


Jeremie Rolda Dalusma, CHL graduate

karim hayat

I am pleased to share my thoughts that today I have completed my CHSCM after three years of continuous struggle. It has been a great learning experience for me throughout the learning period, I have achieved highly valuable knowledge, information and skills that will be a great use to boost my career. Much appreciated support from whole Fritz/ LLA team, I would like to say special big thanks to the entire Fritz/ LLA team and my tutor Peter Jones for all amazing support I received throughout the course.

Karim Hayat – CHSCM graduate


SoniaI feel privileged to have had access to this exclusive group of logistics professionals. The cognitive process I went through with the brilliant guidance of my tutor, the newsletters, the administrative help of the student support unit, the peer support from the FB group.

Personally and professionally I am now able to service the beneficiaries of humanitarian actions in an effective and efficient manner. I am grateful for this opportunity and for the goal of empowerment of the logistics professionals through high academic and practice education.

Sonia Aranda, CHL graduate


Tsitsi NyoniAfter nine months of hard exciting medical Logistics learning, I have just completed and attained Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) programme.

Am so grateful to and hats off for Adrian Leigh, my tutor and mentor whose guidance and timeous response was excellent and encouraging, Save the Children for giving me such a great opportunity of a stimulating and very worthwhile programme that will, not only, help in my own career development but also support Save the Children ability to deliver and meet our beneficiaries needs.

Thanks to Logistics Learning Alliance, Fritz Institute and CILT(UK) for such a collaborative world class partnership in Supply Chain Training and Professional Development. My husband Edgar for his proof reading skills, patience and trust that I could do it despite my very busy work schedule and my little girl Lexi and son Edd Jnr for teasing me why I continue studying.

Tsitsi Marange Nyoni – MedLog graduate


Diana Chikuwa

The MedLog exceeded my expectations…..the course module layout it easy to understand and there is no information overload.

It has helped me with my interaction with Programmes as I now have a better and refined understanding of Programme activities and am “no longer in the dark” during discussions of health programmes and vaccination activities. I can speak from a position of authority and knowledge where health interventions are concerned.

MedLog is very flexible which is brilliant for those with demanding jobs. Team was excellent in their responses….always timely, Crystal clear and no ambiguity.

The feedback and responses received from the coaches helped me better understand the MedLog field.

For me the course was perfect as I did not have prior knowledge of managing medical supply chains and this course gave me a solid foundation on which to operate from. I highly recommend the course. Thank you.

Diana Chikuwa - MedLog graduate


ReedsI’m delighted to make the grand announcement: I PASSED CHL. It’s been a long yet enjoyable journey.

I’d like to thank the Fritz Institute for offering me a scholarship, LLA for the wonderful, personalised, unique, real-time administration of the course. Special thanks to my inspiring, outstanding and patient coach Florence Molyneux for the guidance, support, advice, lessons and corrections – Madam, merci beau coup. You are most bien!

Caroline and PJ – your support is out of this world. The CHL program is practically and uniquely designed to directly cover all aspects of humanitarian logistics which one applies and adds to his/her own set of skills and knowledge. There’s nowhere else that you can find such rich reference material and coaching that complements one’s on-going role wherever you are stationed in this world. I’m off to celebrate!

Reeds Dube, CHL graduate


DanielI wish to share my appreciation to all of you since i started the training. The knowledge that i have acquired helped me design a food program and its supply chain for the on-going Ebola Response Program in Sierra Leone.

The tasks and tutorial support i have continued to received from you and team, made it possible for me to manage the assignment within the shortest time frame possible. Once again I am so grateful for having chosen to pursue this certification in humanitarian supply chain management program with your institute.

From October through November 2014, I got a consultancy to design a food aid program and its complete supply chain for the Ebola response program under Save the Children International in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I was able to finish my tasks within the given time-frames and left the program running in an efficient and effective manner. Thanks to the LLA for the training I have received since 2011 on supply chain management that simplified my work in this very mission. I strongly believe that after completion of this program, I will execute very well supply chain dockets and be able to cause positive impacts in the interventions carried out in different contexts. Thanks Logistics Learning Alliance for making this a reality for me.

Daniel Ekitela Ekuwom – CHSCM student


Samuka BawohQuote from Samuka Bawoh of UNICEF on completing their CHSCM programme:

"It was indeed fascinating to seize the opportunity and to gain so much knowledge in Supply Chain Management with LLA. I enjoyed the professional and inspirational coaching that my tutor provided me throughout the duration of the programme. I feel more confident in my present position and the CHSCM programme has indeed prepared me for greater challenges. For student support team, I received responses to all my enquiries in less than 24 hours upon asking, this was a demonstration of remarkable efficiency. I sincerely thank the team at Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA) for the support."


Hiyawhabte"Since last week, I was having a couple of interviews internally and externally for some international posts which took most of my time since mid-last week. Guess what! I was offered a Logistics and Procurement Specialist job in Sierra Leone – for 3 months! And this will be my first full time job abroad.

I also hope to hear something good about the rest of my interviews in the coming few weeks. I am so glad that my study helped me develop a lot. Most of the questions, be it written or interview were related with what I have been studying in CHL. Scenarios, cases, planning exercises, technical terms/areas etc. And I can guarantee you that this is just the beginning and CHL will definitely help me go further. In addition, I am very happy as this is a new chapter in my life and it would help me keep on supporting my career through increasing my financial ability to study more and more advanced courses. 

I would like to heartily thank you and all the LLA team for all your extraordinary supports as I have always said!!! Without you being good coaches, I could not have been a very good student. Coaches are there to influence students and cheers - you succeeded!!!"

Hiyawhabte Tamru, CHL student