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Warehousing and Inventory

warehouse and inventory

In any business, maintaining the balance between supply and demand is critical. Warehousing is the planned space for storage that is used to establish and maintain that delicate balance. Controlling the flow of product through that space involves inventory management. With the help of proper management of warehousing and the flow of inventory, it is possible to establish stock to cover lead-times and also meet the fulfilment needs of your customers.

UKWA Qualifications

UKWA is Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector, with over 650 members. UKWA members include warehousing and logistics providers as well as manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to the logistics industry.  These programmes, designed in conjunction with the membership of UKWA, certify the holders competence in the roles of Warehouse Manager and Warehouse Supervisor. 

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UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC
UKWA Warehouse Supervisor CPC

LLA Short Courses

LLA short courses are carefully laid out to meet the needs of the student ranging from introductory all the way to advanced level. Each course covers the vital aspect of warehousing operations courtesy of the strategic planning of warehouses within a given network.

Controlling the flow of inventory through a supply chain is a vital part of managing the overall cost of the supply chain. Our courses will help you achieve this.

LLA Introductory Warehousing

This introductory warehousing course is intended as;

  • A refresher course for experienced warehousing personnel that are looking to fine tune their expertise or update their information in the warehousing world
  • An introduction for the new supervisors and team leaders in warehousing
  • An introduction to supply chain activity support personnel like IT staff and HR for instance
  • It can also serve as part of the induction process for the new personnel joining the establishment

Delivery Methods

To make the course more comprehensive and usable, it covers different delivery methods used in the warehousing industry

  • In company
  • Distance learning
  • Qualifications

LLA Intermediate Warehousing

This course is intended for;

  • Organisations wanting to improve current operations efficiency using better processes, working methods, and layouts
  • For people and teams that take part in the day to day running of a warehouse

LLA Advanced Warehousing

The most advanced course offered is ideal for; 

  • Companies or individuals that want to achieve optimum stock levels in a tactical or strategic role and those tasked with the responsibility of balancing stock levels for efficient service to their customers

LLA Introductory Inventory

This course is intended to work in the following ways;

  • It is a refresher for inventory personnel with previous experience in the related field
  • For new supervisors and team leaders, the course is an introductory to inventory
  • It is also an introduction course to personnel involved in the supply chain activity like the IT staff and HR
  • It can also be used as part of the induction process of new personnel

LLA Intermediate Inventory

  • The course is built for teams or even individuals that take part in the daily operations of inventory management systems and also to build on knowledge on how to apply different inventory techniques
  • Companies looking to cut costs while improving inventory management to match customer demands

LLA Advanced Inventory

  • This course is ideal for inventory planners and managers with the duty of keeping balanced and optimum stock levels with superb service to customers
  • For professionals with strategic or tactical influence on the operation of the company’s supply chains

Short Course Accreditation

Some of our LLA short courses can also be studied as accredited CILT units and can build towards a formal CILT qualification. Contact us for more information.

CILT Qualifications

CILT Level 2
CILT Level 3
CILT Level 5
CILT Level 6